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New in the world of CHUCK REDDEN

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Check out Ray Steven's new CD Here We Go Again featuring 2 new Chuck Redden Songs; You Didn't Build That and Ray's new SMASH SINGLE---Taylor Swift is Stalking Me

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Be sure to like the all new REDDEN RADIO page on Facebook and check in daily for updates from Chuck!!!


11 NEW songs that take a look back at the year that was 2014 available on Amazon; ITunes and all other music outlets. To get yours click on the BUY MUSIC ONLINE Tab

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Check out our buddy Willie Rose's latest offering too....Whitey the Almighty.....WARNING.....some of these tracks are a little too spicy for radio but they are gooooood!!!

Wastin' Away in Parodyville

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Still available for a limited time....

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Be sure to catch the Chuck Redden show now twice a day on KMBS 1310AM in West Monroe ......AND..... Check out some of our new Redden Radio Parody songs about "Ebola"; Illegal Immigration; $15 an hour burger Flippers, and much much more....all on our youtube page...


The Election Season has been keeping the Redden Parody Factory busy. Check out TWO new parodies on our youtube page about former governor Edwin Edwards and US Senator Mary Landrieu

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OMG We've parodied ourselves....LOL First we released our Parody of "Not Happy" the Anti Obama Song....and then found out that former Louisiana Governor and longtime friend of ours Edwin Edwards is running for congress....so we quickly rolled out our latest song in the E.W.E. Collection Despicable E.W.E. Check them both out on our youtube page!!! PLUS as a bonus we added our original Edwin Shuffle from 1986


MORE than half million people in over 150 countries have viewed our hit parody---YOU PICKED A FINE TIME TO LEAVE ME BLUE SHIELD----- Check out the video on our youtube page! And for yet another entertaining version of this song by the same name...check out my friend Dr. Sam's home page at http://www.managedmusic.com/


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Our new song in support of Phil Robertson is out and available on youtube...check it out on our youtube page.


STAND WITH PHIL!!! Hear our New Parody and see the video on our youtube page to "Why Can Phil"


Well...Mr EGO...Nick Saban, took home another ASS Kickin recently at the hands of Auburn...so The Redden Parody Factory decided to celebrate in song and video. Check it out on our YouTube page.

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Also check out......."The Day They Canned Poor Paula Deen" now on our youtube page

Chuck's New Songs and Videos


and be sure to see Spyin' Eyes on our youtube page!!!! Feel free to share....



The Robertson family of West Monroe has taken the country by storm on A&E's DUCK DYNASTY!! We celebrate their success with a parody of Start Louisiana native TIM MCGRAW'S song Truck Yeah....check out DUCK YEAH on our YOUR TUBE PAGE



Look for exciting news from RAY STEVENS coming soon!