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Parody Songs

Parody Songs


Since 1984, the REDDEN PARODY FACTORY has entertained millions of radio listeners with tunes about every subject imaginable.


Our HOT NEW Parody songs. are all over radio right now...a remake of Willie Nelson's All Of Me about Governor Edwin Edwards and wife Trina's reality show on A&E calle All of Ole E W E ....and A celebration of the Robertson Family from West Monroe's success in Duck Dynasty (also on A&E) with a redux of Start Native TIM MCGRAW's Truck Yeah called DUCK YEAH!!!


From songs about Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards which received national press coverage in major newspapers, to a parody of a Michael Jackson song in the voice of Ronald Regan, radio listeners from Los Angeles to New York have heard the creativity and talent of Chuck Redden.


In the year 2000, the hit parody song TRIAL #3 was the #1 requested song on 5 radio stations at one time in New Orleans; a fete only accomplished by one other song in history.


Five years later, following Hurricane Katrina, "The Real Battle of New Orleans" gained national popularity with more than 15,000 downloads nationwide. The song was played on radio stations from Houston to Dallas to Baton Rouge and of Course New Orleans and even nationally syndicated coast to coast programs.


Chocolateville, the follow up to Redden's version of the Battle of New Orleans was a #1 requested tune on at least 8 radio stations in South Louisiana and Texas.